2012 & YOU

Lacy & Anthony

Welcome back to Small World, Big Hearts!  I'm delighted to introduce Anthony Riche as a guest blogger here at lacylike. Anthony is on my team at lacyyoung.com and is my coach. His no nonsense approach and consistent encouragement have been gifts in my life to help me face and walk through fear. His name carries a lot of weight in our house as he's been a tremendous teacher for Cliff and for me. We've had the [end of world] 2012 conversation many times and I love what he's sharing with you today on change and it's beautiful inevitability. Here's to embracing change & allowing love to flow into your life!

Enjoy! Lacy


2012 has been on the mind of several people who live their lives around me. Here’s the thing on 2012- no one knows for sure what the true significance will be. The Mayans ended their calendar in this year (December 21st 2012 to be exact). Professional Mayanist scholars have worked hard to decode exactly what the Mayans were trying to tell us with no luck. So the scenarios persist. Many believe (or worry) that the world will end in 2012 without knowing exactly when or how. Catastrophic earthquakes, tsunamis, major volcanic eruptions and the possibility of a nuclear war are all popular theories. I don’t really believe any of these will occur- least as a result of it being 2012. One thing I am certain is that the Earth will reorient itself at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

You see, the Earth has it’s own Processional Cycle. Not only does the Earth rotate on it’s own axis affecting our perception of time, but it has it’s own journey around the Sun along the Milky Way. The Sun has a very powerful effect on us and our planet. This Processional Cycle completes itself every 26,000 years [or so]. The upcoming alignment is estimated to be completed in December 2012  and will signify the completion of this 26,000 cycle. The Earth will return to it’s “original” starting point. It will find itself in the center of the Milky Way which is supposed to bring with it a vibrational response on our planet. This event is speculated to raise the vibration of this planet and everything in it.

Now, take a long look at your life.

Is it working?

Are you happy?

If you aren’t, it's time to get in boat. So many people are being confronted with what isn’t working like never before. Where we could once “ignore our problems away,” we can no longer hide. This is happening everywhere you look. What needs to happen before any change can occur is to be confronted with the reality that something no longer works. This follows the rule of change- you cannot change what you cannot acknowledge. Denial can protect us no more. The fiasco of our financial system was supposed to be our global wake-up call.  The crash of our housing and financial systems affected not only us but the entire world. Dreams came crashing down overnight. We are being forced to decide what’s really important in our lives. The Universe is providing us an opportunity to wake up and make fundamental changes in how we are going to live our lives now that the security we all thought we had has been removed. It’s time to take an honest look at who we are, who we think we are and what are we doing here on Earth.

We cannot make changes until we become conscious, That’s the first step. We need to become more conscious. We need to create the changes we want to see. Obama ran his entire campaign on the simple principle of “Change.” This was in alignment with what is happening in the heavens. There is change in the air. The change has to start with you. If and when you begin changing, it should be much easier to do so now then it would have been, say, 5 years ago. Whether you decide to change or life forces you to change, change is imminent.

So that’s what I believe 2012 is all about. Change. It is often said that, “Change is good.” And it is. So many people are afraid of change but if you don’t ever change anything, nothing ever changes. Our society will be in for some very big changes so I believe it’d be good to get some practice in before these events occur.

Get your inner life in order and you’ll be able to handle whatever happens externally. Learn how to master your past and your emotions and change will be your friend. Chase the ego away because it is the ego that dislikes change. The lack of change has been good for him because it’s allowed him to survive. (I refer to the ego as “him” because it is a male energy).

As you take inventory of your life, take notice of what isn’t working. Then just “think” about changing. Even if you aren’t ready to change or don’t know what to do, just the simple act of thinking about changing will help you to accomplish this. Thoughts are very powerful. Learn to use them wisely and they will transform your life. Start with your life and what you want to change and you may never look back.