The final numbers are IN!

finger poke

OMG! Got my cholesterol results are back…

30 days ago - Cholesterol: 234

- HDL: 52

As of Tuesday, 9/25 - Cholesterol 204!!

- HDL 46!!

For men and women, cholesterol should be below 200. And the good lipoprotein, HDL, is best above 60. You don’t want to be less than 40 in men or less than 50 in women.

My drop in total cholesterol of 30 points in 30 days is remarkable.  I suffered a little bit in the HDL’s, but I am still way in the good range.

There you have it, a total success. With the new info, I plan to stay on it and add in my favorite cottage cheese and some fish now and then.

Great job team! I feel so great!


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