No More Fish Burps: The Beauty of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Welcome, welcome to Small World, Big Hearts!  I'm so excited to introduce Abby Blackburn to you as a guest blogger here at lacylike! Abby is a phenomenal chiropractor & all around good ole Texas gal! Her sense of humor coupled with her vast knowledge of the body makes each visit feel like an indulgent treat for my mind, body and spirit! I've asked her to share the wonderful ways of fish oil with you today. Taking daily fish oil is a lacylike health TO DO! Enjoy,




In my Chiropractic practice, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “If I were going to take just one supplement, which is the most important?”

My answer:  “Fish oil!” Now then, I truly believe several supplements make for a more balanced body, but fish oil is one of the most important.  Seriously, every person can benefit from fish oil.

Are you vegan, friend?  Not to worry.  There are many vegan friendly omega-3 options for you too!  Algae and flax oils are excellent sources of omega-3’s, but back to the beauty of fish.

Fish oils are derived from the tissues of oily fish.  They’re composed of omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaeonic acid).  These are precursors to certain eiconasoids that are known to reduce inflammation within the body.  One study showed that taking 2000mg of fish oil had the same anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects of taking 800mg of ibuprofen.  Without the nasty side effects.

Along with reducing inflammation within the body, omega-3’s have boundless other health benefits.  Several studies show taking omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of developing cancer and slow its progression.  Yes, please!

If you’re a fan of big governmental agencies and their opinions, the US National Institutes of Health recommends fish oil to lower triglycerides and high blood pressure for cardiovascular disease prevention.  Isn’t that fantastic!?  Now we just need our physicians to get on board and prescribe fish oil and a wee bit of exercise before we start popping medications with side effects that essentially shorten our healthy lives.

Do you ever feel a little low?  Multiple studies show that fish oil can help stabilize mood, decrease depression and lower the risk of suicide.  These good fats are necessary for proper brain function.  If we don’t provide our brains with the proper nutrients, it’s impossible for them to function optimally.  Improper function includes an inability to make happy neurotransmitters that keep us in a good mood.

Did I mention that these fatty acids are precursors to hormones in the body?  Proper hormone balance begins with supplying the body with good quality fats like omega-3’s.  Omegas-3’s are also CRUCIAL during pregnancy for the developing brains of our babies.  Omega-3’s = Smart babies.  Who wants smart babies?

If you haven’t been inspired to jump out of your chair and dash directly to your nearest vitamin retailer, listen to this:  New studies are showing fish oil can decrease the occurrence and severity of several frightful diseases like Lupus, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s.

So what brand should you buy and how much should you take?  A few of my favorite brands include:  Barleans, Numedica, Xymogen, and Nordic Naturals.  A supplement that says ENTERIC COATING will help you avoid those delightful fish burps that we all love so much.  Enteric coating allows for the capsule to break down slower in the intestine rather than quickly in the stomach, and Viola!  No fish burps!  A good dose for brain health includes 800mg of DHA a day.  900mg of DHA per day is recommended during pregnancy.  Read the back of the bottle.  DHA is usually included in a smaller quantity than EPA because that’s how these fatty acids naturally in fish.  If one capsule has 200mg of DHA and 300mg of EPA, taking four capsules a day meets your need for DHA while providing a nice healthy level of EPA.

Now then!  Please don’t cruise straight over to Sam’s or Costco and buy an extra large jug-o-fish pills.  Quality is super important.  Oily fish tend to store heavy metals and other gnarly toxins, thus they need to be distilled, purified and carefully tested before we start sucking them down.  It takes meticulous processing to ensure the quality and safety of your supplements.  It’s okay to spend a few extra dollars for a reputable brand.  Remember:  Your body is worth it!  Get your fish oil today.

Abby Blackburn, D.C.