HOW we did it! Vegan eating details.

1-vegan food

Let's get down to the business of eating vegan! I work from home and I've set my work schedule so that I have near the same eating times each day.

During the vegan experiment I ate 3x per day, no snacks. Daily beverages: water. Occasional beverages: herbal tea, sparkling water, red wine, beer.

Cliff works 10 hour + days MWF as a paramedic so he's in and out of the ambulance and hospitals all day. He HAS to take food with him or eating healthy is tough (really tough)!

Cliff ate 3 meals per day and 2 snacks. Daily beverages: coffee, water. Occasional beverages: tea, sparkling water, red wine, beer.

A typical work day for Cliff was: Breakfast: green juice or smoothie or granola with almond milk Snack: almond butter on celery with raisins and goji berries Lunch: veggie tacos in corn tortillas, potato salad, vegan chicken salad. Anything that was 'fake meat' we bought already made. I don't like having that much soy in my/our diet so I don't cook with it. For the sake of keeping it really easy for Cliff to be successful during this experiment we added in meatless 'fake meat' foods when he wanted them via meatless meatballs from Trader Joes or the chicken salad from Whole Foods. Snack: any version of a kind bar, pickles, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit or nut butter, or hummus and corn chips. Dinner: soup or a veggie stir fry. We ate a lot of soups this past 30 days and even though it's hot out they were SO satisfying!

A typical NON work day for Cliff was: Breakfast Options: smoothie, juice, vegan pancakes, polenta and sweet potato fries. Lunch Options: Veggie bake, stir fry, kale chips, beans and rice, salad. Dinner Options: Veggie spaghetti or vegan pizza (no cheese, made at home on corn crust) if he was having a "tough" time with the whole thing and wanted something familiar and comforting. And I have to tell you that vegan pizza was AMAZING! We will definitely be repeating it. And though he snacks a lot at work he doesn't really snack when he's home... maybe a pickle (we are both BIG fans of pickles), or some olives, or a piece of fruit but something pretty basic.

I almost always cooked hot meals for lunch and dinner when Cliff is home and then he eats them for leftovers at work the next day. He doesn't mind cold leftovers, actually prefers it so his weirdness works right out in both our favor! lol That said typically each cooked meal does also include some raw element... for example, if I make potato salad I serve it on a bed of spinach. If I make veggie tacos all the veggies are raw and the beans/ rice are cooked.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about how we thrived through the 30 days!

From here we're still eating vegan except for when Cliff feels like he wants some diary or fish/meat which I suspect will be a couple of times a month. My mom got Cliff a pint of cottage cheese, and he was like a kid on Christmas morning! Cottage cheese and peaches. His favorite. So this week he has that bit of dairy but other than that we are still eating the same as we did these last 30 days.

Thank you so much for rooting for us and following along on the journey. I never in a million years thought I'd be eating vegan. I wouldn't trade this great, healthy feeling in my body, mind and spirit for all the blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream in Texas! That reminds me I still really want to try almond milk ice cream! Adding that to the Whole Foods list right now!

: ) LACY