i love real food.


Last week a gal sent this over to me. The poem reminded her of my message and that simple sentence reminded me how important it is that we all share our message. I LOVE REAL FOOD.

Food used to confuse and frustrate me. I used to blame it and hate it for the excess fat on my body and yet I'd eat and eat until I was sick at my stomach. Then I'd spend lots of time hating myself and eating some more because 'WHY NOT. I'll start over again tomorrow.' And tomorrow would come and I'd look in the mirror and prove once again that I was fat and miserable. Everything was heavy and dark. I had no idea where to begin or what changing my relationship with food would do for my life and body.

These days food feels like home and ease. I don't struggle anymore. I don't feel guilt anymore. The lightness I feel reading this poem is like the lightness I feel in my body and in my life. I look in the mirror now and see love. I am proud of my body and of myself. Wow, even just writing that out feels like a gift.

I want that for you with all my being. I want you to feel freedom from all that is heavy and dark in your life. There is so much lightness waiting for you. Eat something alive today. Something from the earth that had dirt on it not too long ago. Take that one step and see how you feel. Then take another. Drink water when you wake and get your system going naturally. Don't drink coffee first thing... chew something first, a few almonds maybe and then have your morning cuppa (especially if you're trying to shed pounds). And when you've got those down take another step. And another. Until one day you'll look in the mirror and all those old stories of struggle are so far gone that you're not even sure if they ever existed at all.

The truth is how you get there is up to what resonates with you. It could be food, meditation, time in nature or something else entirely. It doesn't matter just follow the path that feels most light for you. No matter what keep going. You're worth it. You matter. There is so much love here for you.

The book is The Anthology Love Poems from God and the poem is by St. Catherine of Siena.

Thank you, Heidi for sending this.