Let's talk about sex baby!


One of the most popular questions I get asked in health coaching is what foods can I eat to increase libido! Excellent question, I'm so glad you asked! Here are my top 5 faves for turning up the heat!

1. Bananas! Makes sense the the banana would be good for the penis since it mimics the shape (and easy to remember). Other foods that have that correlation are walnuts for the brain + tomatoes for the heart. Isn't it cool how nature has dummy proofed food for us! The secret weapon is a solid source for B vitamins which up sex hormones. Bananas also have an enzyme, Bromelain that is key for sexual health. Plus enhances your heart + blood circulation and helps blood pressure from rising!

2. Maca Powder. Powerful superfood that works especially well for women! Helps to boost sex drive + balance hormones while increasing fertility. In men, Maca ups sperm count! Start with a tsp per day in your morning smoothie!

3. Avocado. As if avo wasn't sexy enough on its own! High levels of B6 and folic acid make avocados a must have for both female and male libido.

4. Celery! For men celery brings out a mighty stimulant called androsterone. All you need to remember is that it acts as an aphrodisiac as your man perspires.

5. Pumpkin Seeds. As close to magic seeds as you're going to get! Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc + omega 3 fatty acids. Zinc in men is necessary for testosterone production. In women zinc keeps libido strong.

Your grocery list just got a whole lot more fun! Wishing you absolutely mind blowing sex + total well being!

xo, Lacy

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