Sharing the raw experience! A free webinar.

get rowdy go raw

Eating raw foods for a month started off as just another food experiment.  The illuminations + lessons of eating raw has started a ripple effect in my life and the lives around me in some BIG happy ways! In honor of all I've learned I'm hosting a FREE Webinar this Thursday, April 4th at 7 pm central. My client and fabulous Aunt, Mary Green will be with me sharing her powerful results after 40 days of eating raw. Mary has eliminated chronic pain from her body, lost pounds in the double digits and is full of joy. I'm not kidding you, she's downright glowey!

In this hour long call you'll get a solid foundation of tips + tricks on everything from preparing for your very own raw food experiment to what to eat and when, how much to much eat/ drink, how to eat out while eating raw + more.

Come get ALL the details for: losing weight + lifting depression gaining energy + happiness eliminating toxins from your body reducing/ eliminating chronic pain sleeping better + waking up refreshed better digestion + elimination

JOIN US!  to learn why conducting a raw food experiment is completely worthy of your time! There will be time for live Q&A too!

We are bursting to share all this goodness with you! Love + raw veggies, Lacy