Pumpkin Spice Green Smoothie

punkin spice green smoothie

I LOVE green smoothies! This smoothie looks like Nickelodeon slime and tastes like pumpkin and spice!  Are you seeing a theme? First fall tasting muffins and now a fall tasting green smoothie too! I'm thinking I'll roast a butternut squash and Brussels sprouts for dinner tonight to round out fall food week at our house. ; ) I hope you love this smoothie as much as we do! :) Lacy

Pumpkin Spice Green Smoothie

Serves 2


approx 5 cups of greens (I used spinach) 12 oz almond milk 2 - 3 frozen bananas (I used three for the thickness we like) 1/3 cup pumpkin puree (heaping) 2 dates 2 tbsp chia seeds 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp all spice

To give you an idea of how many greens. You don't want to pack them in, just loosely fill.


Add greens and almond milk to blender, blend until all greens are liquid.

Add all other ingredients, blend again until smooth and enjoy!

You can see the liquid greens and almond milk and heaping 1/3 cup pumpkin.

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*dairy free *gluten-free *vegan