simple is the name of the game

Welcome to October! This month I've vowed to Keep. It. Simple. in life and in our food. This is that time of the year when everything speeds up, schedules are full and time seems to zip by so quickly. Simple makes my shoulders relax. Simple makes my face relax. No more squished up thinking-forehead-face. Reeeee-laxed! Simple feels possible. And simple feels good (especially in my belly).

I took my aunt and uncle on a grocery store tour a few weeks ago and ever since I've been thinking about it. The grocery store is full of complicated. Complicated labels filled with complicated ingredients. If I could give you one piece of advice where your food is concerned, keep it simple!

Here are three simple things to remember when grocery shopping:

1. Hard to pronounce = hard to digest.

If you can't read it, don't eat it! Read your labels and stay away from words like modified, refined, enriched, bleached and hydrogenated. And one better, eat foods without labels (you know, the stuff that grows in the ground).

2. Ask yourself "was this man made?"

Aim for 75 % or more of your plate coming from whole foods like greens, grains and beans. The less man made food you eat the better your digestion, your health, your skin, your mood, the better EVERYTHING gets!

3. Always, always add in the good stuff.

Good stuff never has to proclaim it's good for you. An apple doesn't have a sticker that says Non-fat, Gluten-Free etc... eat more foods that don't have to advertise their health benefits on packaging. Greens, grains and beans (are you getting a theme here)!

Happy October 1! Here's to simple and the beautiful breeze outside!


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