The Practice of Food Focus


I LOVE rituals. Love them. Food focus is one of my favorite rituals. It's a simple practice that helps keep me tuned into my goals and stay mindful about my relationship with food. It's usually just one thing that I stay with it all week long. Food Focus is usually something like:

- Eat breakfast within an hour of waking. I can get into my day and totally neglect eating breakfast. You too? - Eat without distractions. No phone (not even instagram and I LOVE instagram), tv, computer. Just me and my food. It's harder than you think. - Chew each bite at least 15 times. Again, harder than you think if you're like me. I'm one of those chomp, chomp, swallow people. The practice of chewing is something I come back to over and over and over. - Eat my last meal of the day before 7. - Eat food without labels (ie, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grain, beans). - Drink warm water every morning upon waking.

This week my food focus is to eat at least two meals at home per day. That way I know exactly what I'm putting into my body and it keeps one meal free for going out if we choose to! I keep meals simple. So far this week it's been juice for breakfast + grilled veggies or salad for lunch + dinner.

Want to join me? What will your first Food Focus be?

xo, Lacy