Travel Tips!

travel tips

I LOVE traveling oh so much! The only downside in my mind is that I can't travel with my blender + frozen fruit, my juicer and tons of fresh veggies! It can be a total routine buster! Over the last several years I've developed a few habits that keep me feeling healthy when traveling!

  • Pack food for the airplane! There's almost never anything worth eating in airports. It's overpriced, fake foods or foods that pretty void of any nutrition. I typically bring a chickpea salad + chopped up bell pepper, carrots and celery to eat on the plane.
  • Pack tons of snacks! I always have several Justin's nut butter packs in my carry on and checked bag.
  • Bring your own tea bags + ask for hot water in the airport (it's free)!
  •  Use sandwich bags to make small packs of oatmeal (I use regular rolled oats, you can also use quick cook oats! Just stay away from those little oatmeal packs- they are jammed with chemistry + sugar) + nuts for breakfast! Every airplane + hotel has hot water + cups! It's a smart way to make sure you start off the day with some food in your belly.
  • Pack chia seeds and add them to your morning oats, yogurts or sprinkle on salads. They are full of the good fats and help keep your body hydrated.
  • Banana, avocado, apple. I take one of each every time I fly. Choose a few of your favorite fruits to travel with you. They are the ultimate fast food!
  • A few other things to bring... granola + single serving cartons of almond milk (I only bring almond milk if I'm bringing a checked bag), homemade trail mix, nuts + seeds, rice crackers, dried fruit (dried unsweetened coconut is my fave), Ezekiel bread (for a quick protein pick-me-up slather with almond butter), Kind Bars and a green powder for when you have limited access to veggies.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, ask around to find the best healthy restaurants. If you're stuck with limited options make a meal out of side dishes! I've made many a meal out of a side salad and steamed veggies! Skip the salad dressing + ask for an avocado or balsamic vinegar to go with it.
  • Typically ethnic restaurants are the best bet for getting your staple healthy items of greens, beans + grains! Indian food has never let me down!

What are your fave travel routines? Where ya headed next? Healthy travels! Lacy