You are what you eat, so don't eat this stuff.

soap box

Live from the Soap Box: Did you know that Americans eat foods that are banned in other countries? Since the foods we eat nourish + become our bodies it's really important to look at what you're putting into your beautiful body!

1. Bread with potassium bromate - BANNED in Canada, China + EU

Potassium bromate is an additive used in many commercial breads in the US. It causes nervous system damage, thyroid problems, kidney damage digestive discomfort and cancer. How do you avoid it? If you're unsure if the bread is safe... always go for the salad over the sandwich!

2. Farmed Salmon - BANNED in Australia + New Zealand

They are raised on an unnatural diet, given loads of antibiotics + other drugs. It makes the fish grey in color and tasteless so they are then fed synthetics (which are not approved for human consumption) to change their color and make them taste better. If you are what you eat... do you want to be grey and tasteless and then pumped full of fake stuff to make you look + taste better?

Me either.

3. Sports Drinks (sorry Gatorade)

There's a synthetic chemical called BVO (brominated vegetable oil) that was first used as a flame retardant. When consumed by humans it causes behavioral and reproductive issues. Oh and it's found in many sports drinks in this country. Completely unnecessary.

It matters, Lacy