Counting down.

Ready to start fresh?

We're on the countdown til our next Level 1 Group Coaching Session.  It begins Jan 25th (ahem- the day after my bday) :)  I was talking to a girl about coaching yesterday and she said 'well you sound confident enough for the both of us.'  It made me smile ear-to-ear.  I am.  I am finally, finally at a place in my life where I LOVE the work I do.  It was a long and well traveled road and I'm happy to be on the path.  It's a beautiful life sharing what we know and helping each other along the journey. If you're ready to stop dieting, stop depriving yourself and suffering this is the place for you! 

If you're interested and would like more info email me.   If you're ready to join us you can sign up in the sidebar here or there is still time to register for the drawing at Lisa's blog. 

Hope you're having a wonderful week!