Girls night! Join us!

My happy place. 
Whatcha doing tomorrow night?  I'd love for you to join us for Group Health Coaching!  Lisa and I are so excited to bring you the second installment of Group Health Coaching on going deeper with your relationship with self.  We'll be covering food, life and all things good.  We will be exploring hopefully your very favorite topic YOU!  And if YOU don't make your list of favorite topics then get your clicking finger ready and click on over to join us!  Class is every other Tuesday night from 6-7 PST and starts tomorrow night and goes for 6 sessions.  
Invest in you.  Take advantage of our killer 2012 pricing of $299 for the series.
Become part of a group of like minded women.
Get ready to laugh, cry, have fun and change your life! 
We can't wait to meet you! 
We have a call every other week.  It's very much a conversation geared towards health and well being.  This session (titled Level 2) we'll be covering everything from food and your relationship with it to portion size and what that really means to you.  We will explore topics like Ayurveda, mindful eating, love languages and so much more. 
I'm happy to answer any of your questions! 
Hopefully I'll talk to you tomorrow!
From our FB page. 
Level 1 is changing your relationship with food for the better by establishing a foundation of healthy eating and introducing new foods.
Level 2 is focused on deepening the relationship with self in relation to food both primary and secondary. 
Courses are designed so that they DO NOT have to be taken in order of level1/ level2.  You are welcome to take Level 2 without having taken Level 1.