This is BIG! Announcing Group Health Coaching


Safe to assume you know me, now you've met Lisa too!  Lisa is PHENOMENAL and I'll be sharing more about her and our partnership for Group Coaching this week.
Here are the details on our joining forces to bring you this transformational series!
The official part:

Thriving through the Holidays
[Level I: November 22nd – January 31]

Lacy, a health coach certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners [] and Lisa, the lifestyle and gluten-free expert []

Who’s this for?

• Those wanting a different relationship with food: stop counting calories, understand your body, gain confidence in food choices, experience overall happiness in your life, set and accomplish goals, understand and reduce cravings, explore new foods.
• Women of all ages committed to their health and well being.
• Women who are new or curious about exploring the naturally gluten-free lifestyle and those who want more energy by eliminating gluten from their diet.

Sessions are held via phone, once every two weeks for an hour.

What's the benefit?

• Open up the possibilities for a new way of life and a new relationship with food.
• Sense of community to help support your goals and hold you accountable.
• Learn health benefits and how to prepare new foods.

For just $299, you get . . .

• Three months of consultancy and advocacy to help you achieve your goals.
• Healthy, easy and creative ways to make recipes.
• Gift box full of healthy swag, clever reminders in support of your path.

And the right to your heart, lacylike part. 
The road to get to this point has been quite a journey (and I plan to tell you all about it soon, very soon)... when I said OUT LOUD that I am ready to move Health Coaching from the steady back burner where it's been for a while to the front and center focus of my life and career the whole world opened up.  THIS work is what I am meant to do and so I'm living right into the sweet center of it.  No more Lacy as the yoga studio designer, no more Lacy as the scrapbook maker (I still make my own of course oh and to give as gifts but you get it), no more Lacy as the massage therapist... and on and on.  
THIS is what I do.  
I'm a Health Coach.  
I'm passionate about this work. 
What I know is that when we are following our passion the whole world benefits.  And that's what the world needs from you too.  It's time for you to shine.  It's time for you to gain control (and HELLO the holidays are a perfect time for some extra support).  It's time for you to fall in love with you and in love with the choices you make to nourish your life.  Should you choose to do a group program or a 1-on-1 program I promise you'll get my heart and it will be some of the best money you have ever spent on yourself.  

Interested? Want more information?
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Group Health Coaching

Happy Monday!
Here's to your health!