happy here & now.

right or left

There is a power inside every human against which no earthly force is of the slightest consequence.

-Neville Goddard

I think I've been high since Oprah weekend, I've certainly been OPEN. A culmination of well placed reminders and an open heart have left me feeling like I'm riding the ripples of goodness out into the corners of my life.  Yesterday was Louise Hay's birthday and I took advantage of her birthday gift to all of us and downloaded the You Can Heal Your Life movie. I've read the book but being a mostly a see it, hear it kind of learner experiencing the movie added a layer that I'm grateful for. It made some things click into place for me.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the WHEN and the HOW that I forget to just be here and now, to just do what is right in front of me.  I get wrapped around the axle about the worry of the moment. Life really is so simple. I understand that when dealing with food. If I'm hungry I eat. If I'm thirsty I drink. If I'm emotional I don't eat or drink. (((Side bar, if you follow those three sentences you will change your life and your relationship with food))). The journey to get to that place was nothing short of a miracle so I give myself a break or as many as I need when dealing with the how's of life.

When I was in Hawaii at the beginning of this year I would wake up and ask myself each day... what do you want to do?  At first that question was excruciating. It took time for an answer to come because I'd deeply programmed my life to be at the whims of everyone and everything else. I was living under this invisible set of rules that made absolutely no sense and just left me stressed out and never fully measuring up. Deciding one day that it's going to be different is just the first step. Next you have to actually do something and reprogram your mind, and your life. I started simple... I want to go to the beach. Ok good, now should I go right or left down the beach? Sometimes I'd set off in one direction and change my mind and turn around.  And all the while I was saying Louise's affirmations of "I accept myself, I am willing to change." And as time and beach walks went on the affirmations changed too from a set of "fake it til you make it" sayings to words that were my reality.

And so it began.

And everything changed in the best of ways.

Today post watching Louise and her beautiful movie I am reminded to follow my inner guidance ---one at a time and trust that all those other things I've already ordered up in my life are coming. If you aren't sure what it's saying start small... You may still have to go to work, do the laundry, take care of the kids, etc so find space to work where you're at.

Do you want to go right or left?

Do you want coffee or tea?

Do you want to read or watch tv?

As you move in the direction of desire you will feel at ease, everything will flow. When you start pressing up against it with too many questions and the inner control freak kicks in recognize what's happening and take it back to simple.

So what's coming up for you? What would you really like to do? How much space will open up for you if you let go of the HOW and just follow your desire?

With love and lifetime learning,


p.s. I've just read this to Cliff and he'd like to add that you can do your affirmations at a stoplight making stoplights a good thing in your life! Something he has gleaned from reading Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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