All I ever wanted.

All I wanted

I've been thinking about big themes lately... about what's next for 2014. About what lead me to this work. About this life I've intentionally created (I mean... come on I'm writing to you now from my home office wearing purple fleece footie pajamas, totally serious). I completed a group coaching session last week, the last one in the series. As I hung up the phone I went back to my notes on what the gals wanted to achieve during our time together. I checked off each one and felt this tremendous sense of gratitude. We accomplished what we set out to do and so much more.

I feel gratitude for getting to show up + just be me, share what I know and invite others to do the same. Really... all I've ever wanted + I'm living it. In the years of doing this work here's what I know for sure...

lacy young no one sizepractice self love lacy youngwhat feels good lacy younglacy young awarenessuper power lacy youngdose of permission lacy young

Do one of these resonate with you? I hope so. Take one and make it yours. Sending you all kinds of love today. I believe in you, in your dreams and in your power to create a life that makes you wildly happy.

With love, Lacy

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