Lean Into Love!

Nourishment is made up of everything we eat, drink and think! You are fed by the food + beverages that you consume everyday. You are also fed by your career, your spiritual practice, the way you move your body, your relationships and the conversations that you have with yourself.

A woman once told me that she was like spiritual cancer. Excuse me? I could not believe the words were coming out of her mouth and that she believed them. This woman... she is mighty and lovely. A little over a month ago a beautiful girl called herself a "sloth" in such a factual tone you'd thought she was relaying her middle name. I hear things like this so often in my work.

Why are we so unkind to ourselves? Do we even realize when we're doing it? Why do we say nasty things inside that we'd never in a million years say out loud to a friend or a child?

Are there unkind words that you say to yourself on repeat? They could be so subtle. Do you pass the mirror in the morning and keep going because you're not happy with what you see or do you pause and really see that girl looking back at you and say something sweet to her?

It's time for more sweetness. It's time for a step towards love. It's time to replace all the nasty things that are playing in your head with nice ones.

Start simple! As the pioneer of affirmations, Louise Hay says, start with, "I accept myself!" Say it as many times a day as you can! Every time one of those old thoughts creeps in say it to yourself either silently or aloud.

I   A C C E P T   M Y S E L F.

You are so very loved. Whisper that to yourself tonight as you go to bed. And tomorrow when you wake up greet yourself with a "Good morning, I love you!"

With love + belief in the power of our words, Lacy

p.s. And sweet lady if you're reading this you are wonderful! WONDERFUL! There's nothing cancerous about you. I have thought of you and sent you love so many times since we first met and I hope you feel the love of every single person reading this today!

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