Listen. Love. It's what we are here to do.


Recently I sat with a friend as she cried.... about her life, about her love, about the details that have come to define her existence. What I learned yet again as I sat with her, knee deep in her pain is that listening and loving goes a long way. She didn't need me to fix anything and I couldn't even if I tried. She said thank you with gasping breaths between sobs and I felt her gratitude.

It feels important to note that there are two ways to listen... you can glaze over and take it all in or you can gaze at them with love and allow their words to be heard. Think about the way a puppy looks up at you. That's gaze. Do that.

When it all boils down we all just want to be seen, heard and loved.

Next time a friend calls or reaches out and needs you be there, listen and if you're face-to-face allow yourself to gaze at them with love. Send them the message through your quiet listening that it's going to be ok. And almost always better than ok because once you say it out loud space is created for the universe to begin conspiring in your favor.

With love, Lacy