On Simplicity.

scooter basket

I just got back from a scooter ride to the grocery store and it has me thinking about simplicity. I find over and over again that the simpler I keep my life the happier I am. That was not always the case. I used to GO GO GO and actually want complicated. I wanted a booked schedule and that feeling of overwhelm it all boiled down to I wanted to be needed and successful. I spent a lot of time striving for success.

These days, I don't make too many plans and the days of intentional or absent minded overbooking are long gone. I say no a lot. I am at peace about what success means, I know that I am already a success. And that need to be needed melted away when I learned how to spend time with myself, to value it and to look forward to it.

I am barefoot most days, I am always happiest barefoot.

I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself almost everyday. Nothing terribly fancy but I am always changing it up and keeping it interesting. Juicing still makes me say "I am so excited" out loud. I am happily surprised that I can finally, honestly say that I enjoy taking care of myself and put ME priority (most of the time). It is after all a practice.

The details that make up my simple life fuel my happiness in the best of ways.

What does simplicity mean in your life?

With <3 Lacy