Operation FLU Protection!

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We all know that extra hand washing, sleep and reducing chronic stress where ever possible is a must do this time of year but what else can you add to your routine to protect yourself from going down for the count? Tis the season to boost your immunity!

Here are 5 to do's to keep you away from the flu! 1. GREEN JUICE, GREEN SOUPS, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!

Drink green juices, make raw veggie soups with miso broth, get your leafy greens into the blender, make them the largest portion of your plate! Eat green and you'll be well while everyone else starts sounding snarf-ly. Yeah you know snarf-ly. We've all been that guy before!

2. SUNLIGHT + VIT D supplement

Get that sun on your face feeling whenever you can! Of course if you're all SPF protected you won't get your vitamin D, total catch-22- so bare your hands and arms and get those babies in some sun! And if you live in a place where the sun has gone to winter slumber make sure you're taking a quality vitamin D supplement. It's no joke and can save you from going from winter blues to the winter you lost yourself.

3. Move your beautiful bod.

I know, this one never goes away. Get exercise into that little goes a long way place. All or nothing never sticks around and it can stress out your immune system. A nice slow and steady burn will boost immune strength, circulation and keep your form moving towards health each day. Keep your lymph moving with jumping rope, hopping in place or my personal fave jumping on a mini trampoline!

4. What's that smell?

Minimize artificial fragrances in chemicals in your home and on your body.  Hair, face, laundry products can have some pretty insulting additives. Look for things that are fragrance free or scented with essential oils. Artificial fragrances damage your immune system and are carcinogenic! Yeap, that means those special candles and air deodorizers that you get at the grocery store are out. They are really just chemical diffusers. Ew! Stick to soy based candles that burn clean and won't leave you with liver damage. While you're at it, check your air filter in your home and replace with a high-quality air filter. You want to make sure you're actually filtering bacteria instead of circulating it.

5. Spices are in and dairy is out.

If you're still a milk drinker and daily cheese eater winter is THE time to cut way back or cut it out all together. Dairy can give you that thick in the throat feeling leading to poor circulation in the sinus and accumulation of mucus. Side bar: terribly visual word, mucus. Wouldn't you agree? I know the cheese tray looks amazing, have some just don't forget what you're doing and eat a whole wedge of bree all by yourself.

The word of the day is pungent! Get pungent spices into your diet. Things like cloves, nutmeg, thyme, curry, turmeric, rosemary, cilantro all boost immunity and taste amazing! A little warm almond milk before bed with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and cardamon is so delicious! You'll sleep like a baby (nutmeg is a natural sedative) and boost your immunity! And of course there are more spicy recipes for you here.

Happy, healthy most wonderful time of the year to ya

<3 Lacy