Pimple face?

See anything wrong with this photo?
Yeap a real zinger there on my chin and I look sort of tired but the real killer is that gigantic pimple that has set up shop on my face! Grrrr! It's a classic story. The zit shows up the moment you need to look and feel your best and that one little blemish has the power to suck a good bit of confidence right out of you.

I got this info from my esthetician (did I spell that right Jenn?) and wanted to share it with you! It's good stuff that will make you go AHHHH ooookay I see! Did you know that where the pimple lands on your face has to do with what is going on inside your bod?

The forehead is stress, the nose and cheeks are diet (or gaining/losing weight) and the chin and jawline are hormonal.

Now don't you feel like you learned something today!

p.s.- if you are bored at work you could make a list of all the names for pimples. LOL Let me know how many you come up with!