From Baby Seal to Navy Seal

Serious counting down now... it's Thursday and I fly in two more wake ups.  Cliff says this trip is like bootcamp for our marriage.  I agree.  I've run the gamut of emotions.  There were big alligator tears last night as we laid in bed talking about what it will be like-- about missing each other.  About loneliness and the difference between being alone and being with yourself.  Sweet realizations too that to truly be together you have to be ok with being alone.

The being alone part is a first in my adult life.  So this is my journey and I'm embracing it fully.  I'll go to the rock in the middle of the ocean and sit in the sand.  I'll read books.  I'll hike.  I'll let peace rush in.  And when the time comes that peace fills my body, mind and spirit so completely that longing has no place to live I'll know it's time to come home.

<3, Lacy