Hawaii lately!

This is my very favorite spot.  
And just as soon as it stops raining I will be sitting there again.
My gf Leigh came to visit!
She convinced me to read The Hunger Games... 
and I loved all three books!  
We stayed in a hotel which means I slept in a bed, had an abundance of pillows and amazing water pressure for an entire week! D-E-L-I-G-H-T!  
I also unplugged so if you're still waiting on an email from me... it's coming soon!
We were treated to massages aaand it was amazing!
Complete with hooded robes.
We rocked on the porch of our hotel.  
Drank plenty of umbrella drinks (naturally).  
This one was amazing... like a pina colada but with mint!

We hiked Pill Boxes to see this view. 
Drove to North Shore in the pouring rain.
Still totally worth it.   
They're not kidding about the Aloha Spirit part... Waikiki (where all the big hotels are) is tourist crowded and people can be a touch impatient... if you ever come to Oahu you MUST venture out of Waikiki!!! North Shore is relaxed, thoughtful... people stop for you to pull out or cross the street.  Every time I go to North Shore I feel my whole body exhale.
 We saw monster waves and visited Turtle Bay which has me wanting to watch this again now that I've seen the place it in person. 
 Aaaand we went to a luau where we learned about more about the beautiful Hawaiian culture, sampled traditional foods and enjoyed nearly naked men, beautiful hula girls and one amazing fire dancer!  
 So that's what I've been up to lately!
What's been going on with you?