Life in Hawaii

Saturday was 1 week that I've been living in Hawaii.  It's raining now as I type this. I'm grateful for the rain to break up all the perfection of sunny beach days.  Obviously there's not anything wrong with a perfect Hawaiian sunny beach day but the rain is a nice little reminder that this is real life and it's always changing.

This is Oakley.  He lives next door and visits us often.  
He thinks he is a lap dog and his favorite toy is a coconut.  He's a big love.

I've been cycling through the feelings and emotions of living out of my comfort zone, away from the familiar, away from my love, my Ned and the day-to-day conveniences like Whole Foods and my car.  It's all part of the process and after only a week I'd say I'm knee deep into it.  Some days I'm so joyous with my morning green juice in had singing and dancing around the place that I sort of annoy myself.  Some days I'm so sad I'd like to face plant into a chocolate cake, wash it down with a bottle of champagne all while watching some ridiculous romantic comedy.  I'm just going to go with the it's a full moon explanation. You feel me, right?  
This is the daily look now.
Beach hair, no make up, lotsa SPF- building a base tan over here folks.
I'm getting used to life with two men (who I want to call boys but they're definitely men) and super considerate ones at that.  The living arrangement is pretty effortless and we all pull our weight to keep it harmonious.  
I took the bus into town last week with the help of twitter!  Lehua of The girl and boy was born and raised here and helped me find my way.  It was just as easy as she said and reminded me why I love twitter so much!
The local nanners are small and amazing.  They are actually the perfect size for smoothie making.  Cliff would love them -he's always breaking the bananas in half.  Little things like this feel kind of like going to see a funny movie alone.  It gets really good and you naturally turn to your side to laugh with your person only they're not there.  It's not as dreary as that sounds, I'm getting used to the space--just noticing these kinds of moments. 

The big highlight so far has been the arrival of our juicer! 
Which I carried a mile home from the post office. 

And these are my days... walks on the beach, exploring, reading, enjoying me time.  
All of these are from my phone.  I've been really loving posting to instagram.

This is the end of our street. Seriously amazing.

I've started a sea glass collection and it's my favorite collection ever. 

 I sat and twirled here in an all out downpour yesterday.  
I was the only one on the beach. There was sideways rain and it was so much fun!
Sending you love from Oahu!