Settling in.

Hello on this Hawaii Monday!  Here's a wee update on the first few days and photos of the Volcom Pipe Pro happening on North Shore right now.  We went yesterday and I got a few awe worthy photos! 

 this is a couple of guys on their way in... the power and speed of that water is AMAZING. 

On home:

I've been in Hawaii for 2 nights now.  My little brother Cody and his roommate Phil have generously opened their home to me while I'm on this journey.  It's a roomy 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment above a garage.  I'm sincere when I say roomy and I'm grateful when I say above the garage.  From the living room you can see the ocean and from the bedroom you can see the mountains.  This is the happiest I've ever been to share a bathroom with two men and a first to share a bedroom with two men (sounds so scandalous, it's definitely not).    
You can hear the ocean waves crashing from here.  Need I say anything more?  
I woke up this morning to Phil snoring and the roosters crowing at 3:30 am.  There are chickens and roosters EVERYWHERE on the island and the crowing is a 24-7 kind of thing.  One starts and then the next as if they all want to be heard and they all want their cock-a-doodle-do to matter.  I can understand that.  I'm hoping that as I get settled in I will hear them as part of the background noise.  
Before I came Cody said I could sleep on the floor between him and Phil.  The reality is much less severe than the photo I had in my head.  I could just see one of them needing to get up to pee in the middle of the night and tripping over me or forgetting I was there and stepping right on my head just like Ned does.  I have a feeling sleeping on an air mattress for more than a weekend is going to come with some good stories.  
On locals:
I am my father's daughter.  I make small talk with strangers.  It's almost a sickness really.  Walking on the beach I ask if the fish are biting and before I can even complete the sentence they say NO as if their lives depend on it (and maybe their livelihood does).  I'm certain they think I'm going to come and steal their fishing spot.  Yeap, can't you just see me pulling a telescoping fishing pole out of my bathing suit and plopping down next to them.   Little do they know, they're safe as it's ever going to get with me.  Fishing is not on my list of life loves.

On food:
I'm finding it near impossible to find organic veggies here and I'm grateful that I splurged to pay the fee (which was nearly as much as my plane ticket) to get my suitcase of my favorite organic staples and my super handy dandy bella cucina blender here.  They're all saving me and making it really easy to stick to my plan of eating simply--- nothing from a box, nothing processed while I'm here.  Wed/ Thursday this week I'll take the bus to the farmers market and see if I can find some decent produce. 
Wondering what was in the suit case?
beans... several kinds of lentils, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans all in mason jars (my fave way to store things lately)
grains... amaranth, quinoa, millet
spices...cinnamon, Himalayan salt, black pepper, cumin, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom
I kind of sound like I came over on a boat like an early traveler... packing my prized grains and spices.  ha! Ok let me modern it up for ya... I also brought my bella cucina blender (my fave for smoothie making lately), olive oil, maple syrup, agave necter, braggs liquid aminos, hemp seeds, cacao nibs and powder, mint tea and my fave brown rice, barley and daikon radish seeds blend (from Trader Joes).
I hope you're off to a wonderful start this week!  I'm off to snorkel across the street and then back home for coaching calls.

Love to you,