Status Update_Hawaii week 2

I'm watching More Business of Being Born.  Women are so very mighty!

It's a hot one today, almost no wind.
I've found my stride here in Hawaii.  Pretty proud that I finished reading my first book since being here.  I should say that I read like 4 and 5 books at one time.  Always just pick up the one that is calling to me.  
Green juice + good North Shore surf report this morning moved my little brother to song.  It was awesome to witness.   

I've already been to the post office and back and ll be headed to the beach soon. Got a package from my love with a Brita water pitcher and swifter, I've NEVER been so happy to filter water and clean the floor! You think I'm kidding!  There is happy white tile delight happening over here!  
Note to self, load photos from last week from the big girl camera.  Though I am taking almost everything via my iPhone which is SO freeing!  
SPF I love ya

The llamas down the street are really starting to love tolerate me. Cool.
And they're patriotic. Also cool.

I swing here
Cody described our latest yoga/massage/guided stretch session as void of ego and source of love.
best. compliment. ever.
Not a great photo of me and hardly matters given the amazing valley!  
You can get in touch with the land so easily here.

 Wind blown. Happy. Chased my hat into the ocean later this day to save it!
The trade winds mean business!    

Waiting on the bus.  
Two bags =  $75 full of organic produce that will last almost a week. 
Amazing how expensive it is here.
4.69 for kale. it's usually 1.50 - 1.99 at home in Cali.
 Lizard. They're everywhere.
Best bus stop view on the planet.  Best one I've ever seen anyway.

 Iolani Palace.
Banyan trees. Just love them.

Center of the St. Capital. The floor outside.

 Met Chanel this week.  
One of those people that gets her happiness all over you and it's brilliant.  
My awesome baby brother.  

Pounding taro plant into Poi.  Kind of tastes like a potato only sweeter.  It's good!

You can't really see the pizza but you can feel the joy!  
Pai ai pizza from our pounded poi. It was SO good! SO filling!
 Face sized flowers are best. 
My sea glass collection is bitchin.  Just saying. It totally is. 

Off to the beach!