January 24, 2015. Thirty six begins now!

birthday tart

My birthday was this past Saturday. I turned 36. THIRTY SIX! Beyond feeling really grown up it feels big in my body, like somehow this year is going to blow my mind in ways I can't possibly imagine. My birthday wish was to have a getaway weekend with Cliff, to sit in mud, soak in mineral pools and have the hot kind of sex that hotels and getaway weekends invite. We did just that and I was reminded how important it is to get away, out of the small space of our RV and our daily routine. It was renewal on all levels.

Lacy In Mud

As I moved through the mud bath process I was in meditation on what I want for this year. I'm sitting there in the hot squish of what smells reminiscent of our composting toilet with the faintest echo of orange essential oil that the lady sprayed to "help" with the smell and I'm asking myself...

What do I want 36 to look like? Why is this mud so flipping hot? What's calling me? What's ready to be born? Seriously, how much longer am I going to bake in here? What's begging to be let go of? What do I want for my business? What do I want for my relationships?

I zoomed in and zoomed out. I listened to all that came up in my body and mind. By the time the mud was rinsed off and I was on to the next phase sitting in a bubbling tub of mineral water I knew what I wanted. My hope in sharing all this is that you feel expansion in your life and clarity around what you want to create this year.

As you read through notice what comes up for you. There will be some things that really resonate and leave you with charged and excited feelings of OMG I WANT THAT and others will raise resistance in you. You may find that you have stories as to why you can't do this or that or why something isn't for you. Just observe and let it all wash over you. It's all good information. I'm not saying that any of this stuff is also good for you... only you know the answer to that. If you want to take action in your own life you'll know... you'll feel inspired to move. And if you want to read along and say Happy Birthday that's totally awesome too!

For my 36th year here's what's staying, changing and getting added into my life. And because I love a life filled with intentional affirmations I've given them all affirming titles. Feel free to grab some of them and post em up on your bathroom mirror or somewhere you'll see them.


For about the last year I've given myself the assignment to wake up and fall in love with my life in the most sincere way possible. How you create the day before you ever leave bed is SO POWERFUL. I do so in the moments just before I open my eyes. As soon as I start to wake up I stretch and roll around a bit in bed and then say nice things that usually go something like, "Good Morning Lacy! You're wonderful and I LOVE YOU! Only right and good action is happening in your life." Then I look at Cliff and tell him good morning and that he is wonderful! From there I get out of bed, pee, brush my teeth, put on a robe and go to the "front of the bus" (aka the living room) to meditate on how I want to feel that day. Some days it's 10 minutes, some days it's an hour. I prepare my morning elixir. I sit and sip quietly with Ned and Cliff or we begin buzzing about the RV and I grab my phone to look at what is planned in my day. I love this practice and I love coming back to it each day. One day soon it will feel like an effortless extension of how I live just like brushing my teeth and feeding Ned. I see more downtime, more stillness (my word this year) and less urgency to grab my phone and get right to it.


I'm adding meditation a second time each day. I was trying it at night, by laying in bed and listening to a guided meditation on You Tube on my phone but that meant that 1. the phone would end up spending the night in bed with us which feels SO WRONG and 2. I was having crazy vivid dreams all night and not the most restful sleep. So the plan now is to 1. leave the phone out of our bedroom at night with the ringer off and 2. try meditating in the evening. It's a suggestion my little sister offered... "happy hour" meditation. I like the sound of that! So this week that's the plan.


When I was sitting in the mud and then the water I asked that my intuition be undeniable and that my body not only speak clearly but reject any foods, beverages, practices and thoughts that are not serving me. I may regret this one in moments later but I felt pulled to it. I feel like the Universe was just waiting for me to say, Ok, now I'm ready. Last year I asked repeatedly for unknown expansion for my highest good and I got the unknown! Some of it was really, really hard and some of it was amazing. This ask feels big like that one. Complete rejection of all that is no longer serving me. I'm ready. Whew. Game on.


Last year was my year of coming into profound and unapologetic truth telling with myself and with others. That feels like a combination of experience and wisdom for me. It just feels so good and freeing. Part of that practice has been asking for what I need more and more. It's something I'm still really working on and lately I am asking for re-do's with Cliff and explaining what just happened in an effort to both tell the truth and ask for the support I need in the moment.

For example... last night we got home from our getaway with groceries for the week and my immediate response was dread. I didn't want to do the work of cleaning out the fridge to put away the new groceries which would inevitably lead to me washing dishes and cleaning up the house and doing a list of chores that I felt needed to be done. Instead of asking for help or voicing my feelings I reflexed into making a deep audible sigh and then paused before I started digging into the grocery bags. Cliff got himself something to drink and I looked at him and said, "ask me if I want something, please." It was so snide and underhanded and he saw right through me. It was in that moment that I also saw right through me. His response was --- "woah, what just happened there?" I was able to voice everything I was feeling and we sorted through it really quickly. We put the groceries away together and left the dishes. No drama. Next time I'll try to remember to share my feelings before I get all huffy. See what I mean? Work in progress.


I've been giving myself permission to be complete in each task, in each moment. That translates to no more multi-tasking with one exception. The only time I multi-task now is on Facetime with my sister. I wash dishes and we chat. It's the best and I'm keeping it.

As we were making our way from Texas to California earlier this month in the RV I made the decision to delete Facebook, Twitter and E-mail from my phone in support of my goal to be complete in each task. HOLY CRAP I've never felt more organized, complete and less anxiety around all things social! It was hard to hit the X to make them go away and then hard to break the reflex of wanting to make the rounds on my phone to check in... I kept thinking OMG am I going to missing something? Be less connected? And then I realized that being less connected is a really good thing, it means I can be connected more meaningfully. Since that time I've had phone dates with girl friends and more intentional connections on social media. It's crazy liberating. Now I sit down at my computer, process email and make the rounds and I'm done. No more reading emails from my phone that never get answered. No more interruption in my thoughts.


I swore that I wasn't going to change the way I eat everyday around the holidays but I did. I blame Torchy's Tacos in Austin (I'm mostly kidding, that place is amazing! It's a MUST experience when you're in Texas). I ate way too much cheese and sugar and I've felt the impact. I'm coming home to simple eating and the practices that feel best in my body. Water upon waking. Breakfast just after morning meditations. Lunch between 12 and 2 and my biggest meal of the day. Dinner before 6. No eating after dark and making sure that there's 10 hours between my last meal and breakfast. Herbal tea throughout the day as I want it. My all time favorite is peppermint and lately I'm cycling through ginger and a blend I bought in Bali for my Ayurvedic dosha (I'm a vata) with fennel, galangal, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, clove and anise. It's so good and I feel like I'm doing something good for my body so it's a win/win.


I'm continuing to embrace living simply. Moving into an RV was a gift. My connection to stuff will never be the same. Cliff said it best in his birthday card to me, "Our needs are fewer and our love is deeper." It's true. Stripping down has woken us up to our lives and desires. It's been an unearthing, a re-birth and a monumental shift and I can't wait to see what else unfolds for us as a couple and individuals as a result of these really big changes.


This year I'm calling for women + men who are ready to do the work. I learned the hard way last year... There are times that I meet someone and my heart explodes into this big gooey empathetic vat of I CAN HELP HER/HIM and my desire is so big it's almost big enough for both of us. But the truth is that never works. My desire will never be big enough for the both of us. You have to want it. And you have to be ready. This year I'm stepping out of my own way when it comes to my business and my clients. I'm not in the business of convincing anyone to do anything and this isn't a Lacy Funded Charity.

Side bar :: My friend Tim gave it to me straight about being in business for yourself... for myself. At the time it felt like tough love and looking back these years later I see his advice as a gift. It's been a solid measure for my work over the years as I ask myself... am I making any money at this or am I involved in a really high energy output charity of my own making? If the answer is ever, "Yeap... charity." Then I circle the wagons and recalibrate. His words went something like.... There's a time of building. That's not what I'm talking about. You'll raise your prices and lower them and raise them again until you find the sweet spot for your work but always keep in mind that even though you feel so strongly and your heart is so big, this is NOT A LACY FUNDED CHARITY. That doesn't feed you or pay your bills. It's not a good energy exchange and it's not good business. Ouch. Ok. Noted. Got it.

If you're reading this now and you're feeling goose bumps (aka truth bumps) of I KNOW MY WORTH, I'M READY. Message me. I have currently have two spots open for 1:1 clients and there is space in Togetherness Tuesday Drop In Health Coaching. Join me. Join us. Let me love you deeply and support you in pursuit of your goals. You are worth it.

When I got the call to do Shift Retreat this year it was undeniable. I knew I HAD to do it, it is a calling and I answered with a resounding YES. It took bravery to push the button and put it out there for all of you to consider and it is taking trust that you will also answer the call with a YES. I can already see some of your faces (and I've told most of you as much. Some of you I've waited/ am waiting to see if you will message me because why the heck not. Let's have some fun and test out the ole Universe).

If you are meant to be there you will know. It is all happening May 16 - 23, 2015 in Costa Rica. The journey begins the moment you feel the call. That we are traveling to Costa Rica is pure intention. I know that you will have to move some mountains in your life to set aside the time and the money to be a part of Shift (see the worth thing showing up again?! So good, right!). You can read all about the retreat over at LacyYoungRetreats.com and if you'd like information on future retreats you can join the list here.


This year I want to use the internet to raise my vibes and yours. From simple feel good stuff to legit learning. Here are my latest favorites:

Watch this one when you can really laugh and sing along. Listen. On repeat. Pick two of these and start doing them today.


As a part of my own worthiness work I am giving myself permission to make more than I've ever made and save more than I've ever saved this year. My goal is to save 20% of everything I make this year and I will be learning how to invest my money for the first time in my life. No more handing my money to someone else and saying here you figure this out. It's time and I'm ready.

To growing older, learning more with each passing day and continuing to listen to the desires of your heart.

I love you with every one of my 36 years. Lacy