A Death.

My computer died peacefully in it's sleep last night.
It served me well even though it was a Dell.
As life would have it I backed up all my photos yesterday for no other reason than I felt like it was time.    Thank you, external hard drive and internal knowing! My documents, however did not make it. Bittersweet.
I will now become a MAC.
There's a rainbow after every storm :)

A few iphone photos from today:
The sky on my drive into work this morning.    
The clouds just above the bridge were amazing!
My attempt at computer CPR.  Opened everything up, removed the cat hair, tried and tried again.  Flatline.

Arrived to work to find a beautiful little flower arrangement.  I've carried it with me today from desk to table and back again.  Sweet soul soothing flowers, nothing quite like it.

Meet you here again tomorrow, laptop or not.