A journey.

In my mind there's no place like home and I'm convinced that travel and being open to experiencing life, getting outside your home box can be the most profound teacher.

Virginia Beach was incredibly beautiful!

Apparently these beauties bloom big and bright once a year and then fall away. I felt fortunate to see them everywhere in their full glory! My favorite part is the little silver specs.

I met Bart, Jessica and Anne two months ago at Esalen and they've set up a permanent home in my heart. The connection that Bart and I shared was beyond both our understanding. It pushed past form and into the purest agape love and we both know that we are meant to be in each others lives to usher in change, healing and growth. I felt so strongly that I needed to go and spend time with him in his home element and it was the absolute right move.

I met his pup, Sasha.

I saw his office and glimpses of the life that used to consume him. And though he is a damn fine lawyer it doesn't speak to his spirit anymore and it reminds me that we get to choose how we spend our time and how very hard it can be to invest your life in a profession and then move on. It makes me think of a million great quotes...

It's never too late to become what you might have been.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

oh how I could go on and on and on!

I met his son Buddy and

we ate fish tacos at the Baja Cantina. Ok I had a veggie taco but they are famous for their fish. The green sauce is the best!

We spent time at the beach and saw the most amazing clouds.
I took long arms, of course (and wore LOTS of sunscreen).
Ladybugs kept landing on me and my book.

I took lots of pictures of Bart, this one is one of my favorites.
I took Bart's yoga class at Hot House Yoga. I've taken a lot of yoga classes in my 10 years of practicing and he is now among my favorites. He's a gifted yoga teacher. I'm thinking all those years in the court room helped!

We explored the old hotel Cavalier. You can feel how grand it must have been in the 20's.

Everywhere you look there are magnificent little details surrounded with age. I'm thinking Anthro should do a catalog shoot here!

We ate dinners together and talked about what was next for all of us.
Jess gave us all Buddha candles and I am a little disturbed that his head burns off first. I donno, is that just me? Jess is the giver of the group always showering us with little love gifts. She's an old beautiful soul. Anne is the observer always loving everyone with her quiet soothing nature (and she has the best laugh). Bart is the talker! I'm the funny one.
We ate breakfast at Citrus (so yum) after a good night of red wine (also so yum).
For an entire week we loved well, lived well and adventured together.
It was a great trip!

Here's to the journey!