Adventures of the weekend!

How was your weekend!?

This weekend was full of good stuff. SubZERO provided the perfect people watching opportunity on Friday. Saturday brought the delivery of another Lacylike design and Sunday was all house cleaning, quality time with my love and talking about big dreams and what's next.

Friday ... I found more crochet wrapped and decorated trees downtown.

A very cool shadow puppet show on the street.

A retro pop up camper

with me inside.
Street artists doing one act performances.

Some on stilts!

Decorated cars.

Hula Hooping, of course I played along!

Capoeira that was so fun to watch!

Music in the street outside the most beautiful building.

Meeting one of our local police officers who works in downtown.

Walking around the local art galleries to see:
monks creating a sand mandala

a gigantic light bright piece!

a bunch of masculine/feminine nudie photos

And it all took place right outside the yoga studio!
My latest Lacylike Design was a MAJOR project of a trip to India.
Over 300 photos... it was a doozie! Imagine putting together 300 photos of a trip you didn't go on! I did photo transfers on the cover to make it look old and dreamy and then painted India clay and sand inspired smudges.

Welcome to a brand new week full of possibility!
Lacy :)