Artfest part 2: We made things and we made friends!

It would be fair to say that this journey has been epic! So many great stories, new friends and the creative juices are flowing! I learned fun new techniques from some lovely, generous women. Sharing IS caring!

The houses along the left of the photo are the officers houses where we stayed. The buildings on the right housed various offices, schools and our classes.

We made hot dogs and smores on the beach, so GOOD!

The result from my Theo Ellsworth class. We walked through our minds to create each piece with prompts by Theo and in the end we put all the pieces together to reveal a bigger picture. This one was the hardest for me. It was very out of the box in my creative process. I learned that I am super patient with myself and non judgey. Who knew!

Theo's amazing talent blows my mind. I loved exploring his world for a while.

LK Ludwig taught us a super addictive and satisfying paint technique and criss cross binding! Umm biding is not for the weak of heart. I saw a few grown women throw their hands up in tears ready to quit but LK has the patience and understanding of a well rested mommy so we all survived. I am so glad I took this class! It's really going to enhance my album making. LK's story is amazing. She emanates that it's never too late to become what you might have been!

My third class was Every Person's Story with Tara Ross. This process was the most beautiful for me. Tara has a tender and supportive way of making everything seem perfect. It was pure love.

We started my finger painting our wooded torsos.

Then we literally scribbled lines all over it and from the lines we started to identify shapes, like finding animals in the clouds.

It was soo cool to see what popped out.
Then we created a book of our story and attached it to the belly.
The whole process was so gratifying.

We got to meet up with my friend Ji (we met in February at Esalen) and his friend Michelle at Sirens for some killer pizza pie! If you ever get to Port Townsend definitely go to Sirens!

This is called "ARTing" We all got together to work on projects on the last night. For me it was 95% silly fun, snorting laughter and entertaining and 5% arting.

Janna actually got some ARTing done, her journal is AMAZING!
Michelle and Leigh

Tyler (photo cred: Leigh)

Travel suits me

Excited to be heading home to my love!