::August 2013::

kale yeah!

When I think back on August I think of three things... RUNNING, VEGAS + JUICE CLEANSING AFTER VEGAS! RUNNING

Some days I still can't believe I'm loving this. I ran 2 - 3 times a week for ALL of August! One day I even went running twice. I know, who am I? Welp, it appears I'm a runner!

cant believe I love this post run glow first time doing 3 miles moms on board


This trip was EPIC (Thanks, Mom)! My youngest sister Kallie (she's the cute blondie) turned 21 IN VEGAS! We stayed up the first night until almost 6 am. The first photo below was about 3 am + we're all looking pretty together. The entire trip was just so effortless--- filled with laughter and fun. We started each day with 45 mins - an hour of meditation and then promptly went to breakfast and had mimosas! We spent an entire day at the spa at Caesars Palace (highly recommend), ate the best food at Hash House A Go Go, La Comida (downtown) and I had the best pasta of my life at Rao's.

us!tickets and recorders the joy of winning kallie what's in my purse spa statue girls wynn


After Vegas my body was in need of a break so I decided a 3-day juice cleanse was in order! I felt so good after I hosted a FREE Juice Webinar to share the love! Had the best time taking photos with Cliff of me + my fave appliances, my juicer + blender. I laughed so hard trying to teach him how to take a proper iPhone photo. "You have to touch the screen to focus, honey." He's now a pro! You can see the webinar over here.

juice recipe juice combo post run juice yum juice touch the screen to focus