::Barefoot November::

Journal Entry, November 30th I just finished my 30th mile this month! As I rounded the track for my last lap I felt tremendous pride. I smiled all the way in. Walking home all red faced and happy it hit me.

T H I R T Y D A Y S. I did it. Tears... of incredible gratitude.

I showed up for myself each and every day for the last 30 days. I loved myself enough to do this. This will be one of the accomplishments that I am most proud of this year. I ran through it all. Good days and really bad ones. Feeling amazing, feeling hungover. Rain, sunshine. In the cold with as many layers on as possible and in the heat with as few layers as possible. On the track, on the road, on the trail, in town and out of town (sounds very Dr. Seuss and I like it).

I ran every.single.day this month.

The truth is... this month I didn't always breathe with ease. I had some really hard days. Some days that made me doubt. Some days that made me deeply sad. Running didn't seem the most logical choice but I did it anyway because it makes me feel good. Because I made myself a promise to do this one thing. And because I deserve these 10 - 12 minutes a day to move, to breathe, to listen to music that soothes me.

TEN TO TWELVE MINUTES! If I can do it, you can do it!

day 30. did it!

I made a few notes along the way that I thought I'd share with you in case you'd like to give a #mileaday a try! You'll see the ebb + flow of it all. Some days = totally stoked, others = not so much.

Day 1 - 3 Overall feeling.... I can do this. Day 4 + 5 Must get run in.... it was the only thing I made sure I did all day. Honestly, eating suffered b/c I wasn't planning.

day 5. Day 5 Posted on Instagram with a love note to myself. "Dear Me, Proud of you today. For being flexible, for showing up, for getting your #mileaday in even after you forgot your hat and saw that the track was filled with pre pubescent boys and you had to go with plan B then plan C. I see you working for what you want from a loving place. I see you moving through your days with your #wordoftheyear by your side. You're doing a great job. Keep going." (my word this year is Genuine) Day 6  A little boy from seemingly out of no where jumped into my path and gave me a high five. It changed everything. I felt incredibly inspired and supported. Day 7 Noticed that I got out of bed without creaking and easily jump up from the couch. OH I LIKE THIS. Day 8 - 10 Getting inspired to organize + clean at home. Fully embracing it. Day 13 Freaking freezing. The weather challenged my resolve. Day 14 Hey this is easier and I'm not afraid of being a little cold. Boo-ya! Day 15 MAN that was tough. Amazing how each day is SO different. Makes me hopeful that tomorrow will be a breeze. Day 16 + 17 Total breeze! Love the ease of running on the weekend. Nothing else to do, no where to be. Freedom. Day 21 My feet hurt. moved a little slower, hard breathing the past few days. New life today as I watched a food documentary. Feeling empowered. Running is a part of my healthy life. Day 24 Sunday. Craving a day off on Sunday. Pep talk myself --- 'It's just a mile. Get er done and go about your day darlin. You've got this.' It worked. Day 25 This feels like a part of my daily life now. I definitely prefer running before noon. Feels so good to get it done and get into my work day. Day 26 It's cold. And raining. I take to the street instead of the track. A lady going to her car smiles and yells out "you're my hero, run one for me too."

day 26. It's cold and wet. Day 28 Thanksgiving. Running by choice... on a holiday. This is a first. Feels good to be out in the world. It's so still out today.

I believe that we are divine, infinite beings and that we can do + be anything we want. I believe that we are so powerful and if you move toward what you want there are incredible forces that show up in support.

P.S. How you run is really important to stay free from injury, stress or strain. Here's a post I did on barefoot running.

Here's what else happened in November!

Food this month was super simple. Lots of smoothies + juices. Several days of our idea of "fast food." Quinoa pasta + organic pasta sauce from a jar, few cloves of garlic and zucchini. Shared the way we clean around here (baking soda, vinegar, lemon...the way your grandma used to clean house). Latest order of Kale Yeah stickers arrived! I've gotten into the habit of leaving a few with the check each time we go out. I really love leaving them behind and hope they bring a smile! If you're interested, you can get yours right over here.


ayden and oranges

This is my cousins son, Ayden! I just call him my nephew because my cousin Derrick might as well be another brother! This photo, this day was super special because Ayden finally warmed up to me! We bonded over nuts + oranges! Pretty perfect, right!wear your joy

This was for my friend Kelly Rae's #thewearyourjoyproject I'd just been out running and everything appeared in neon. Bright blues and greens. Was so inspired by all the color I decided to wear lots of color this day too! Love this project and the awareness it brings. How will you wear your joy?

mom's bday

My mom + my dad are November babies! For my mom's birthday we all spent the day downtown eating Tapas and listening to jazz! There was a LOT of laughter! Really grateful to live close to my family in this chapter of life.camping at ren fest

Cliff and I went to the Renaissance Festival and camping for the first time together! It was a complete and total blast! We managed to get everything we needed for an overnighter in the Smart car! I loved being called "my lady" all day!

Simple Sunday. Run + Together. Perfect. This was an easy breezy Sunday. I ran, found these words on the garage floor and we spent time running errands together (I bought red lipstick). It was one of those OH HEY- so nice to spend time with you after a week of passing each other on our way to work kinda days.

And that was November! One more month to go and I will have successfully cataloged a year in this online photo journal! xo, Lacy