Birthday weekend highlights part 1

Went to see Eddie Izzard!

Pre show we went to dinner at a Malaysian restaurant. Ummm they are trying to sell 2 buck chuck for 3.95 per glass and 26.95 per bottle. Ok what idiot is going to pay 4 bucks for a glass of something that they can buy an entire bottle for at Trader Joe's for 2 bucks or sheesh an entire case for what they are charging for one bottle! C'mon people! That's just a bad idea. And the MERLOT? Ouchie!

We had seats on the floor and it was like we were the blue light special.

It was fabulously funny! Pre show and during intermission they had a scroll of incoming tweets from people in the audience on the big screen. It was a great way to pass the time. Parking was $30 and I am still a little wounded over it

And ...

My $1 Michael's seedlings are sprouting. I think this one is the sunflower. The other two are chives and basil but they've yet to peek out. It's the little things. : )

More to come, It's shaping up to be a super busy week. Oh the life of a 30-something woman! Tee hee I'm feeling all grown up at 31. Eh well sorta.


ps- those were all cell phone picts! You have to love being able to capture a moment wherever you are! I do!