::February 2014::


February was 28 FULL days! the high's of FebCliff and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. Marriage is cool.

Got to hang out with my little brother a lot (but somehow didn't take a picture together). Seeing those two green smoothies takes me right back to that morning and chatting with Cody. Grateful for that time.

And that one of me totally blissed out over that smoothie was post a two week cleanse. Best move ever. The cleanse and the post cleanse smoothie.

friends in FebI was gifted the most beautiful and thoughtful quilt from a client who has completely changed her life, diet and her health. When my mom saw it she cried and said "she speaks our language." You really can feel the love coming from it. It's hanging in my office, I see it everyday and feel tremendous gratitude for getting to do this work that I love so much.

My gf who moved to Canada came back and we had the best lunch and catch up. The best.

Cliff and Ned share toast. Ned likes to lick the ghee off of it. It still grosses me out a bit but it makes them so happy. Felt like one of those moments that NEEDED to be documented.

We got to meet a rescue pup named Charles and we fell in love. The endless patience and kindness that is required with a rescue takes a special human and a special beast. When I hear someone say they've got a rescue it's like a giant check mark goes into their "good people" box.

details of feb cleanse we eat thisFood was simple + beautiful all month long. I did a two week cleanse that was PROFOUND. I wish I could say I was still feeling the positive effects... I went back to my usual routine post cleanse and I'm seeing how it's time to change up the routine. Always evolving. Always looking toward healing my trachea. Convinced that spontaneous healing is coming.

happy birthday aunt maryMy Aunt celebrated her birthday with a painting party. It was one of those paint studios where everyone paints the same thing. Total blast to see how each person negotiated the process. That picture in the car is a giant balloon! We rode with TWO of them in the truck. One smooshed between me + mema and one between mom + Tom. Epic. Hilarious.

Big Project Started me and the catCliff went to California for a couple of weeks to take care of the family cabin + see his mom. That's when I did my cleanse and spent a ton of time with Ned. Quality Ned Time. Also started a huge photo and story gathering project. Going to finally, finally make a scrapbook of my childhood.

memory lane Friends, garden and little lacyTook Cliff to my hometown for the first time. It was a sweet walk down memory lane. Attended a couples dinner for a friend from HS who's getting married this year. Fun dinner... laughed a lot, ate rich food, drank and lot of wine and then paid for it the next day. Completely underestimated the need to ease back into life post cleanse.

Got to spend time with my mom's best friends. They've been friends for over 20 years. Awesome people, awesome friendship. Charles is the newest addition to their pack.

Discovered a willful little mutant carrot in the garden! Happy find.

Told the story behind how the name lacylike came to be.

And that was February!