Fly Couple

Recents from our last time out flying
It's amazing viewing the world from above.  There are so many amazing textures and layers.
Iodine Ponds
Do you see what I see?  Aliens!
Flying 500 feet above the water.  It's so beautiful!

Hello San Francisco!  I'm always amazed by all the houses smooshed in rows.

Cloud cover.

  Algae stream.  It was almost neon orange and ran like a vein across the ocean for as far as we could see!

I think this one is my fave photo from the day.  I just love how tiny but mighty the bridge looks.

This is a Buddhist temple literally in the middle of nowhere.  It's the only thing in sight for miles to the ocean. 
Where did this day go?  Hope your Monday has been a good one!  It's a busy week ahead.
Busy is good!