iPhone Lately

I love iPhone photos. Each time I load them to my laptop it feels like a little single serving snipet of what I've been up to lately.

 Someone let that cat out of the bag! : P
 An upgrade from cattle class was a DELIGHTFUL holiday surprise!  Yes, I was the only person photographing the mat as we were boarding the plane. 
Waiting, waiting, waiting.  So happy to travel with my love after all my recent solo travels.
A party for your taste buds! 
Beer bottle holder.  Hilarious Christmas gift. 
Our nieces and nephew got a dress up box for Christmas.  Cliff modeled the bunny ears...
Austin loved the box it all came in.  Naturally.

Brian has unwrapping helpers. 
A purse for all her lip balms :) 
Cliff's first family scavenger hunt.  Competition Memory!
One of dad's cars :) 
My beautiful sis and niece.
Happy in Humble.
Details in my mom's home that make me smile.
Cliff and I had a huge and romantic conversation on where this sand must be from... the answer LOWES! HA! 
My cousin is a dad.  Surreal.  Awesome.  Cutest kid ever.  Him and his son.
Morning round the table.  Love these times. 
Gigantic Kale!  LOVE!
Game night with our buddies.  Super fun.
And that's all she wrote for now.  Dinner tonight with a friend I've not seen in 7 years.  
Proof we're all grown up, time is passing quickly.
Hope you're having a wonderful countdown to 2012!