It's good to be home!

So post expo we are feeling really good about how it all went. We were nominated for Top Innovator (did I say that already?) and will know in a few months if we get it. Either way we can now say that we were nominated which is really cool (lol I sound like some famous person saying Oh it was just an honor to be nominated 'cept that I really mean it, hey maybe they do too!). We gave out sample sets and talked with decision makers. After they take the straps back and try them out we should start seeing some orders! It will be neat/good/interesting to see if this gave us the boost and exposure that we think it did. I already have my follow up plan in place and today I am taking all the interest forms we got back and putting them into a spreadsheet. : )

While we were in Atlanta we really didn't do anything Atlanta specific b/c we were so busy with the show. You can tell that most of the pictures I took from the car or on our walk back from the expo to our hotel. Everyone kept telling us to go see the Aquarium so finally on Friday after we packed up at the expo we walked over to the Aquarium in the rain and the cold only to find that it was now 4:58 and they close at 5:00 pm. Arg!

It got us thinking... if someone came to our neck of the woods what would we tell them to do and see? So as a result we've decided to get out and see our city. Yesterday the weather was absolutely perfect so we ventured out to this park. It's one of those that we've driven by and never given much thought to. It was amazing, a tiny replica town with a small museum mostly with WW2 era items. We stepped right back in time! My favorite was the trolley car driver! Admission was free. : ) Goes to show that you can never do enough exploring!

This tin was sitting on a work desk on the trolley barn.
It wasn't a part of any of the displays but I just loved it. Everything in the trolley barn was old and wonderful. Of course 'they' don't make any of the parts for the trolley anymore so they do all the repairs in house. Super impressive!

That's a full size engine! The trolley barn is huge!

old advertisements inside the trolley

a fridge!

It was a good day.

ps- don't you just love fall back day!
It's not even 11 and I already feel like I've gotten so much done!