::January 2014::

birthday smoothie

January in pictures.- Proclaimed 2014 the year of Ease. - Lead my newest ecourse called Juice, Blend, Repeat.(it's starting again in March, join us!) As if I could love juice and smoothies any more! This cleanse makes me sooo happy. - Made lots of simple + tasty food all month long. - Got into a popcorn for dinner kick and liked it. A lot. - Drank copious amounts of peppermint tea. - Ned started sleeping under the covers in the mornings. We think pretty much everything he does is adorable. - Received little crochet veggies in the mail, totally made my day. - Celebrated my 35th birthday! I love birthdays and the celebration of that moment when this journey started and all that's happened since and all that's to come. Woke up to flowers, smoothie and a decorated living room complete with confetti and streamers. The best. Spent the day surrounded by some of my beautiful family! Love the ease that is being around my family. Dressed in clothes that make me happy (ahem leg warmers, stripes, teal, best bday gift pants ever, and baubles). I remember when 35 seemed SUPER old. Today I feel anything but... I'm happy in my skin, in my relationship, my career... my life. Today I sincerely feel like I have everything I need (and always have). Just so grateful to be alive, to be surrounded by love and for what's to come (whatever that may be)! - Went to the beach for a birthday overnight-er. Rode roller coasters with Cliff and laughed til my stomach hurt. - Kayla sent me the sweetest photo of Chloe sipping green juice naked in the backyard. The goodness, the innocence, the freedom of that one photo...everything about that juice loving little girl makes me happy. She currently thinks the word for cat is Ned. We Face Time... well Chloe and Ned Face Time and she gets so excited saying "Ne, ne, ne" and doing the sign for cat (which looks like drawing whiskers down your cheek).

allow 2014 ned undercovers popcorn for dinner cody is here! smoothie time deep tea diver running buddy vegan pizza night doors open kinda day almond milk JBR name those greens joose love gift a week of eating juice blend juice blend JBR juice soups on smoothie studio buddy pretty laid out ugly blended up 35 today birthday trip to the beach he. smoothie  this is what I want to feel