::July 2013::

This was July. It was FULL of goodness. Maybe my favorite month this year so far!
Our sweet Ned turned 13 on July 1. It's wild that he's been a part of my life for T H I R T E E N years. He's seen me go through so much change, so much transition, so much growing. I'm incredibly grateful for my sweet fur face kiddo. He continues to teach me the power of presence, of love and the importance of naps.


Work life balance was AMAZING this month. Probably because we went on vacation and I truly stepped away for a moment. Sometimes I get SO zoomed in on my to do list. Going out and just living my life brings so much balance for me. It keeps me fresh, keeps me sane and keeps me making decisions from inspiration and spirit instead of overwhelm. July felt really in the groove... excited about what is happening and what is coming in the near future. Completed another Group Coaching Session this month and scheduled my first in person workshop for later this year in Boston! SO excited!

photo by lizzy

photo by Lizzy Flanagan

I started running!
Went to John Mayer concert with Aunt Mary! Had a BLAST!
Cliff and I went on VACATION IN CALIFORNIA! Santa Barbara, Ventura + Catalina! Catalina was breathtaking! Snorkeling was magical and the whole trip was full of laughter, love, reading, togetherness, connection and avocados! We came home with an entire carry on suitcase FULL of avocados from our friends giant tree in their backyard.
Went to Chloe's first birthday party in Austin. Biggest 1 year old birthday party I've ever been to. That little lady is so very loved. Kayla and Brain are doing an amazing job raising her on whole foods. She's a one year old veggie loving, vegan! I helped with decorations. I am a paper chain making machine!

Flew to Boston for a weekend of fun! Went jogging, twice! Went sailing for the first time and LOVED it. Reunited with a dear old friend. Had the best little dinner for three and was in bed by 11. Celebrated two little people in a growing belly all weekend long. Spent time among women I admire. Illegally parked to get a photo at the entrance of Harvard. Lizzy was accidentally taking video instead of a photo and it was PERFECT! Just so fun!