::June 2013::

kale yeah lacy June! For Mema's birthday we created pathways in her backyard. It was days of cutting out grass, hauling grass, shoveling crushed granite, packing granite, hauling stones, laying stones. It was sweat + cold beer on the patio. We all felt so accomplished. I loved seeing Mema's delight throughout the entire process. My little brother Cody came to town to say hi + see you later! He and two of his friends are traveling central and south America right now! I went to VegFest with my Aunt Mary and had the best time. Spent $8 on a green juice. Worth. Every. Penny. I stapled old flight charts to Cliff's office wall. Changed the entire energy of the room in the happiest way.
Went to Dallas for the Gift Show to hang out with friends. Visited my dear friend from college and met her new baby girl for the first time. I ate a ton of collard greens. Kale Yeah stickers went out and images came rolling in! My friend Monet and her husband came over for dinner before moving to Canada. Amazing fried rice. Amazing conversation. Cliff changed direction on his book about The Hinge. We've never laughed so hard. It's true that laughter is healing. I went out on a kindness mission and put happy notes on cars in the gym parking lot. And of course we went swimming. A LOT. cliff summer swim