::March 2013::

The weather was PHENOMENAL all month. I worked outside several days. Truly happy making. I conducted a raw food experiment eating only uncooked fruits + veggies. I attended a weekend conference for work that was so inspiring I gave away free sessions and had such a blast doing it I now offer everyone (new clients) 1 free session! Seriously! We did the color run on a COLD morning and got crazy dirty It was a blast! Mom and I went to pick up our color run packets at REI the day before and ended up standing in line for two hours to get into the REI garage sale which was totally worth it! Scored a pair of Vibram shoes for 30 bucks, a North Face rain coat for $20, sunglasses for Cliff for $5. I got to be a part of a love bomb for a friend. Created two flower arrangements and totally felt like a flower artist! Dad and Jeane hosted an Easter egg hunt on St. Patty's day at their place. Got to see my sweet sis + niece Chloe. Note to self: always wear necklace Chloe can play with + taste. That was a big hit! Cliff and I drove to see bluebonnets in bloom on Easter Sunday.