::March 2014::


march was triumph March, You were all about the UMPH!

March Austin

I spent a week working and playing in Austin with Kayla and Chloe. Ate lots of raspberries and guacamole with truffle oil. Got a proper hair cut + blow out. Feels so good to look totally different for a few days.

When I got home Ned had his yearly shots, he wasn't amused. He's a totally healthy fur face at nearly 14!

March smoothies

I lead Juice, Blend, Repeat and felt healthy, present, fit + strong. It's the best I've felt in my skin all year (so far).

March Misc

We FINALLY found a natural deodorant that works for both of us after trying what felt like every brand at Whole Foods. It's called Herban Cowboy and that makes me laugh every morning. His + Hers.

Got on a cucumber kick. Cucumber salad. Cucumber in my water. Cucumber in juices. Must have needed the hydration. I have made a practice of listening to those body ques and honoring them.

After much conversation on the WHAT NEXT we started looking at RV's! Among the first was a really an old converted bus. It was a resounding NO, too old, too dirty and the ceiling was too low. BUT it solidified that we actually really want to move forward with the plan to purchase, renovate and live in an RV! We got to meet the cutest donkey on the way. Doesn't looking at him just make you happy!

I covered our fridge in Instgram prints. It's the little details that make a rental feel like home. I ordered prints from here + used magnetic tape from the craft store to make em stick. About a 1 inch square on the back of each print.

march miley

Aunt Mary and I went to see Miley Cyrus. I had a blast deciding what to wear. Leg warmers + leggins always spell party to me.

I took my favorite selfie lately. I've always been a really toothy, cheesy smile kind of girl. At 35 I'm feeling softer, less cheesy, more authentic and that's what I see + feel what I look at that photo.

Aunt Mary goes to sooo many concerts. She's always loved them and I forget how much I love them until I go to see one with her again. The energy of the music, of all the people gathered from all walks of life, the people watching! It's all pretty incredible. Neither one of us are crazy Miley fans, we probably know 3 of her songs between the two of us but we agree that the girl is a marketing genius. The concert was right in line, over-the-top, all about the party and yes she does ride a giant hotdog that flies through the air. I had a blast!

March signage

Here's your sign.

kale yeah

Kale Yeah tanks + tees arrived and I love them. I especially adore the tank, wear it all the time. You can get yours here.

March kitchen.2jpg

Created a crazy good stuffed Poblano pepper recipe with quinoa and loads of veggies and a cashew cream sauce that is mmmmmm delish.

My new favorite glass compliments of my mom's bestie. She totally gets me.

We started appreciating, really appreciating the details of this home we've created. The idea to live in an RV is getting serious and things here are starting to feel really impermanent. That feeling when you know it's all about to change.

I started receiving picts of people in their NEW Kale Yeah T's! Kenzncreed (that's her Instagram name) has been an internet friend and follower since my first blog. Anytime I start something new she's always there to support me. Thank you, I'm so grateful for you @Kenzncreed!

March Molly and lizzyMarch bootsmolly lacy lizzy

Two of my friends from Boston, Molly + Lizzy came to see ME! It was an incredible weekend of togetherness. The kind where you feel really fed and recharged. They wanted to do Texas stuff so we ate Tex Mex and I took them to the Boot Barn. Lizzy cried. We're all pretty sure she was a cowgirl in a past life. Just the smell of leather alone sends her into happy tears. We got to cuddle a sweet new puppy outside of said Boot Barn.

Thank you for making this trip happen Lizzy + Molly! I will remember sitting together in our living room talking and talking and talking and sitting in silence together. So much love, so much healing. Excited to be together again at your wedding in August, Molly! Sooo excited!

march kitchen

Left Kale Yeah stickers at my favorite Raw Vegan restaurant in town.

Got three new cutting boards. I intended to get one but they clearly wanted to stay together and so... Larry, Mo and Curly came home to my house. Some days I call them Harry, Ron + Hermione.

March Horse experience

Aunt Mary invited me to The Cowboy Solution. It was incredible. We spent a day with the horses drawing parallels in all things life + leadership. I appreciate how present horses are, how responsive and trusting. They reminded me over and over to do as much as I need to and as little as I can. That when I get what I want to STOP ASKING. To keep it simple, speak clearly with my words + actions. To celebrate often. To trust.