::May 2013::

May oh May it feels like you were a million years ago. When I think of you I just think EPIC. You were filled with so much good, all quality!

We celebrated Mema's birthday and surprised her with news that we'd be putting in backyard pathways around her gardens. I'm not sure I've ever seen her as happy as the day we mapped it all out and the day we broke ground and the the day it was all done!

Renewal Retreat in Austin with Aunt Mary + Kayla was all about healing and forward motion. I was just looking at my journal from that retreat yesterday. I am so grateful for people I met, the laughter + radiate sessions in our bedroom at night. Radiate sessions first started in February in Manzanita OR on retreat with Kelly Rae + friends and I love that they (the people from that weekend + radiate sessions) are a part of my life now.

The anniversary of Cliff's dad's passing came and went quietly. I don't feel him around anymore. I thought of him a lot on Memorial Day. He had some awesome war stories. I mean truly AWEsome.

I attended a weekend IIN conference and filled the inspirational well for my work as a health coach. Sat at my computer all weekend on Live Stream. It was totally worth it.

I flew to Boston to surprise my gf Leigh on her birthday. Just about peed my pants when I saw her release this card the week I was set to fly out. I already had my dressed picked out and the balloons planned. I showed up on her front porch and became an unintentional but totally cool living card. It was a super secret only Molly + Leigh's husband knew. From there I got to surprise all our friends one at a time. SO MUCH LOVE. SO MUCH FUN!

I got my haircut. Then cut my hair some more myself. Cliff started voice over acting classes. We went to Austin for a weekend getaway and saw Flight of the Butterflies in IMAX. Cried it was so beautiful.

I'm really loving doing these updates. Feels like the perfect virtual scrapbook.


p.s. Talk to you next week! We're headed out on VACA! Long awaited, much anticipated... my first time back to Cali since we moved to Texas! If you care to join us virtually you can follow along on Instagram!  

xo, Lacy