My favorite photos lately

have all been taken by Lizzy of Texture Junkie.

As Lizzy says we've had a relationship in pixels. Truth is that I met Lizzy for like 5 minutes at Marmalade in Boston in 2007. TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN! Our exchange though very brief was completely authentic and from it we became fast friends via the internet. Nearly 4 years later we finally got to spend some quality time near each other as roommates and co-workers at The Creative Connection Event last month in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Lizzy, I'll work a 16 hour day next to you anytime!  

We saw the sunrise each day and took turns capturing the sky from our little nest.

The lovely Michelle Allen :)
With Lizzy and Jo!  Two power house ladies!
And of course you remember Leigh <3

At Cooks of Crocus Hill waiting for the cooking classes to begin.

With Cristina Ferrare who has written a beautiful cookbook and is a true beauty herself. I made her tomato soup with homemade croutons last week.  Cliff came home and saw a pile of roma tomatoes and said "You're going to make soup from that!"  My response was, "How else do you think tomato soup is made?"  It was an awesome moment.  In all our years neither one of us had made or had someone make us our very own tomato soup.  It has always come out of a can or a box!  Not any more my friends, Cristina has set us free!
This picture makes me smile and is a moment I will remember for a long time to come. Lizzy and I left swag for the housekeepers. When she saw the sign I made and that I laid the goodies out like Christmas morning she took pause, smooched me on the cheek and said, "you're a good egg."
Sweet reminders where everywhere all event from Brave Girls Club.  Little truths written down as reminders for us.  Each one goes right to my heart.
Lizzy, thank you for taking such beautiful photos. Thank you for being you.
Love love love,