::October 2013::

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  • Cliff participated in the Tough Mudder on a what felt like a gillion degree day. It was totally impressive + so fun to watch. Mom + Chloe came with us. I was walking towards them to take a photo and when Chloe saw me she started waving so big. Later in the month she smooched a Buddha statue + hugged every pumpkin at the patch. She's our zen master reminding us how to love.
  • Mom made curtains for two open cabinets in our kitchen from my soul mate fabric! Veggies, of course.
  • We went to Austin for a weekend and got up early to sit outside of REI for their garage sale. It was mayhem once they let everyone it! Think Super Market Sweep! We scored a pair of Vibrams for Cliff for $20 bucks.
  • I cut the neck out of some old t's and ended up having the best time playing with Ned. Hilarious, much needed quality time (for me, he didn't seem to mind either).
  • Eyenie Schultz interviewed me for her Women Living in Neon series and I loved it! We'd been internet friends and this was our first time face:face. Felt like being with an old friend, so much ease + love.

  • Made a healthy chocolate shake + proudly announced my second eCourse called Veg Pledge (will run it again next year by popular demand).
  • Kayla + Chloe came to town for the weekend. Kayla and I had the best time watching Crazy, Stupid, Love making vision books, red wine, pizza, quality convo and laughter. Always lots of laughter.
  • Made a pumpkin smoothie + got an email from a gal asking me if she could illustrate it for the blog They Draw + Cook! Of course I said YES! She said it was her first healthy recipe to draw! THAT makes me all kinds of happy.

app 180

  • MY APP CAME OUT! It's free, it's filled with goodness! It's 60 days of tips, recipes + affirmations to fuel your plant powered life! Please download it and tell your friends! Search Kale Yeah in the App Store or on Google Play!
  • We went to the airshow with Mema! I got to sit in a very cool old helicopter.
  • Running, more running. I got new shoes from Vivobarefoot. Took a minute to get used to walking in them but running in them in a breeze! I now rotate between my Vibrams and new Vivos.
  • Running is changing the way I see my body, especially my legs. For years I refused to wear shorts because I didn't think I looked good in them. The Texas weather and doing all kinds of good work on embracing my body has changed that. Took a photo of them in my wee little running shorts that I almost deleted and then decided to breathe, to say I love you to myself and thank my legs for allowing me to run freely! Made me smile. Made me proud. This is what Campaign For Confidence is all about.
  • This month was full of simple eating. Smoothies, lots of them. Overnight oats, leftover breakfast cereal with brown rice and quick saute collards.
  • Our neighbor had the funniest killer pumpkins in the yard.
  • We went to a party as Batman + Batgirl in fleece pajamas (still too hot for fleece, nothing but sweat in there).
  • Had the best vegan dinner at Aunt Mary's on Halloween. I loved watching Cliff answer the door for the trick or treaters! He'd kneel down and put the biggest handfuls of treats into their bags, oooh and ahhh over their costumes. Went for margaritas after the last piece of candy and plastic spider had been given out + closed the place down!

And that, my friends was October! Lacy

P.s. I really love this practice of getting it all down. Hard to believe I've been doing them all year! These all started b/c Cliff and I were talking and wondering what we were doing this time last year... I opened my blog and we got a kinda sorta idea. It was then I decided to document with a monthly photo journal.