These are the days that make all the rest possible.  These are the days when we purposely slow down, WAY down and enjoy the journey.  These are the days we dream about, plan for and look forward to and I am so happy to share them with you. 
Away we go!
take me there

He loves to buy a plant when we travel.  It's adorable.  He's like a little kid that got to pick out a prize.  This one was his favorite so it got to come home with us.  
he loves his plants
I love to take pictures of cool plants
flowr center


And cool details... you know, like tile. Seriously isn't this pretty!
Look closely, Ostrich!
Pecking around outside a winery we stopped at along the way.  
fancy meeting u here

Roadside park + ducks = wish I had some treats for them!

One day, a home on a beach just like this.  For now I am happy to sit in the sand, dream about the one days and feel so very happy for this day. 
lacy in sand-1

Our road trip mascot
Follow the light that leads you home.