Saturday in the car

Our mission:
To get out of the house and turn down roads we've never been on and see places we've never seen.

Mission accomplished!

California never disappoints us. She is truly beautiful and I love living here!

We came across trees bigger than our car! Ok it's a small car but that's a big tree!
After seeing Avatar I look at trees differently. I respect them more and see and feel the connectedness between us and our earth. I love that movies have the power to change us.
So yeah, we hugged a few. :)

Just before sunset we made it to the beach so we pulled over and climbed down the rocks to get to the ocean! A few self portraits of the day : )
Isn't the sand amazing!

As the sun went down the beach turned completely glassy.

This is my favorite shot of the day. There were so many birds and I wanted to go run through them but I was afraid with that many the odds were stacked strongly in favor of my getting pooped on. I think I made the wise decision!

Hey Happy Monday!