::September 2013::


Hey September, Gosh you seem like forever ago. Looking back, I feel like we accomplished all kinds of good stuff together. Cleaned out my studio closet. Man, that needed to be done! Feels sooooo good. Lots of green juice, a kindness mission with Kallie and Iggy, a trip back to my hometown... first time in over 14 years. I stopped to take a picture of our home and a sweet old gal walked out asking why I was taking a photo of her house. When I said, because it used to be my house she invited me in to see how it had changed over the years. I received the sweetest love gift from a dear friend. Made the house smell all kinds of amazing all month long with vanilla, rosemary and lemon simmering on the stove. We made a bottle cap table for Mema's garden!

Cliff's birthday- we flew to Brenham for lunch and had to avoid a storm on the way home. It was one of those moments when we were a seamless, completely awesome team. The flight was bouncy, stressful and completely worth it. My dad + step mom took us on a family cruise to Mexico. Cliff and I had the most incredible experience with dolphins that will live in my heart for a long, long time. I did my longest run yet (F O U R miles) and prepped for my very first eCourse (which was a complete and total heart filling success). We talked to my little brother, Cody on FaceTime. It was the first time we got to talk since he left for his epic adventure in June and it was incredible! Cliff Birthday/ Cody Talk Kindness Mission Food this monthHappy detailshappy details 2 Grateful, Lacy